Winning the Civil War was important to reform since after the North won the war they radically changed the way the country thought and lived

The Civil War-Post Gettysburg

  • The Defeat at Gettysburg effectively crippled the South's ability to fight the war. 
  • Other than a raid on a town in Vermont, led buy an escaped Southern POW,  the South never gained the military strength to launch an invasion of the North again. 
  • The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point of the Civil War because before the battle, the South had the upper hand in the war.  Also, the Confederates had won the majority of the battles in the war.  
  • After the battle, the Confederates could still fight, but were militarily crippled and couldn't sustain their new seceded nation
  • The Confederate Army was forced to surrender on April 18th, 1865.