The Battle of Gettysburg caused Reform in several ways, but the most important was the simple fact that the Union Army was victorious at both Gettysburg and later, the entire Civil War.

  • With the Confederate Army marching into Union territory, they had to be stopped.
  • Many soldiers were killed and casualties were high for both sides.
  • While winning at Gettysburg was important, it stands for more than that.
  • The Union Army went on to win the Civil War.
  • The famous speeches, letters describing the battle, and the many years of study let us feel like we were really there.
  • What we learned from this battle shapes the way we think of ourselves and our country.
  • General's Chamberlain and his men's bravery are what makes America so great and so unique.  Without this, we would have become a very different country today.

The Confederates

The Confederate Army lost 4,536 men with 18,689 wounded or captured at Gettysburg.

The Union

The Union army lost 3,149 men with 19,664 wounded or captured at Gettysburg.

The Civil War

  1. Gettysburg greatly crippled the Confederate's strength as well as destroyed their morale.
  2. The next day General Grant led the Union Army into Vicksburg, MS where they forced the Confederates to surrender.
  3. The Confederate Army never invaded the North after the failed attempt to take Philadelphia through Gettysburg.
  4. The Union Army led by Grant made Confederate hero Robert E. Lee surrender his army and end the war.
  5. The North wins the Civil War April 18th, 1865.
  6. The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was a result of the deep hatred that the South had for many years toward the North.

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