The Battle of Gettysburg was Revolutionary Due to The South's Drastic Change in Strategy

  • Throughout the Civil War, the Confederate Army remained in the South as the North attacked them.  The South was triumphant over the North in the majority of the eastern conflicts.  
  • General Robert E. Lee received permission to enter the North a second time so he could relieve pressure on the key city of Vicksburg, MS, which gave them control of the Mississippi which was under siege by General Ulysses S. Grant, and possibly break the North by making the war too expensive to continue fighting.
  • The Confederate Army arrived in Gettysburg, PA because they were short on supplies.  Fighting broke out here when the Union Army of the Potomac found them.  
  • This battle became known as the Battle of Gettysburg.  This battle was revolutionary because this this key change to the Confederate's original battle plan and ultimately lost them the war.  

The Civil War was filled with gruesome conflicts and many casualties.
General Chamberlain if the Union Army is about to order a final bayonette charge on the Confederate Army.