The Reaction of the Revolution is that it created a new battle strategy for the Union Army and led them to victory in the Civil War.  Starting with a strong defense, the Union Army carefully attacked and won Gettysburg.

  • The Union Army was fighting with their "Anaconda Strategy" up until the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • The Confederate Army was marching deep into Union territory, through Pennsylvania  
  • The Union Army realized that they had to mount a strong defense now, or the war could be lost.
  • When they needed to they were able to move from offense to defense and back again and used this newfound strategy to win the Battle of Gettysburg.

Union Defense
  • The Union Defense during the War needed to change because of the Confederate's new battle strategy.
  • With the Confederate Army in Pennsylvania, there was no time to continue attacking Southern cities.
  • The Union Army took strong defensive positions around Gettysburg to counter the Confederate Army's new battle strategies. 
  • When the full Union army arrived they made a "fishhook" shape just outside of Gettysburg, all along the high ground.
  • The Union was almost defeated when Little Round Top, a hill to the bottom left of the Union "fishhook" was left reasonably unguarded.   
  • The Union Army's new defensive strategy on the high ground around Cemetery Ridge and Little Round Top caused them prevail. 
  • An effective Union defense allowed for a crippling Southern defeat which all in all changed the course of the Civil War. 
Union Victory
  • The Union forces won the Battle of Gettysburg mostly because they used both a defensive strategy and a brave attacking strategy together.
  • They stayed on the defensive when the battle started because they did not have their full army present. 
  • During the first night, the rest of the Union and Southern armies arrived. 
  • Since the Union had superior numbers and the advantage of high ground the frontal attacks of the South were easily defeated by the Union lines. 
  • The Union was eventually overwhelmed by the Southern forces and running low on ammunition.
  • It was General Chamberlain and his men's bravery in attacking the Confederate Army using bayonettes that allowed the Union Army to win Gettysburg. 

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