Pickett's Charge
General George Pickett's failed charge was a signal the the Confederate Army had lost the Battle of Gettysburg

What Happened

  • Pickett's Charge was led by Confederate General George Picket.  
  • He led the Confederate Soldiers towards the Union lines on Cemetery Ridge. On Lee's command, the Confederate's charged over the open ground getting shelled by Union artillery and cannon fire as they ran. 
  • When they got close to the Union lines the cannons stopped and the clatter of small arms fire opened up on Pickett's men decimating them. 
  • Picket broke through the Union lines but lacked the ability to be reinforced and his break through could not held. 
  • Then Union troops started to flank Pickett and he was forced to retreat back to Southern lines with no gain.
  • After the failed charge, Pickett and Lee were watching the bloody event and Lee said, "Arm your division, we need another assault."  Pickett replied, "General, I have no division." 
  • This is when the South knew they lost the battle.